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Just wondering

Have you ever gotten a mystery package in the mail?

Have you ever had foot-in-mouth disease (you open your mouth and put your foot into it)?

What's your favorite way to apologize?

Okay, this is different

While we were in London, my knee started bothering me. I thought it was because of all the walking and going up/down stairs. However, once we got home, it didn't get better. Plus my back started bothering me, so biting the bullet, I made an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to have him look at it - my leg was the first symptom of my back injury previous to this.

After trying to wrap the leg around my head, he decided it was the knee and not my back and made an appointment for me on this Friday with Dr. Kawaguchi. I'm happy because it's not my back, but worried because I've never had any issue with my knees before this. He's got a very good reputation, but it's still a little scary seeing a new doctor. I'm hoping it's a quick fix and not something else.

Today I feel like someone hit me across the back with a sledgehammer - I'm guessing my back took exception to the manipulating the doc did. We won't talk about what my knee feels like.

At least it puts me in the perfect mood for a workers comp audit.

Hope everyone else is having a more enjoyable Tuesday than moi.


Spending some time in the 70's today

My sister's m-I-l (and the closest thing I had to a grandmother) had a set of these. I thought they were magical, especially the purple one. We would fit for it. Art (my 'grandfather' always got it).

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Many Happy Returns, Sallymn

I hope your day is brilliant!
Do you want practical, cute or state of the art when you buy something?

Are you easily swayed by your friends or commercials when it comes to buying stuff?

What one products should never be advertised on TV?

Just saying

Oh, yay... Bill Clinton is in town and speaking just a few blocks from my doctor's office. Want to take a guess at what traffic is going to look like tonight? :P


I had this as a kid!

Mum tried do hard to make me a girly girl. :D

Damn... and one of these, too, but it was a gift...

And I remember Mum using one of these...



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