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Pleasant dreams

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just wondering

Do you yawn right after someone else does?

Did you ever play hopscotch as a kid?

Were you a tattletale or did you have a tattletale in your life?

I'm sorry, what?

So, last night my coffee machine gave up the ghost. It had been creeping along for the last month, so this came as no surprise. We bundled ourselves over to Target and get a new coffee machine, another Mr. Coffee, since the brand has also been good for me.

I'm reading through the User Manual (yes, I am one of those annoying people) and got to the troubleshooting page.

"The Brew Now/On light does not light up" - possible cause - the machine is not plugged in or there is a power outage. Solution - plug the machine in or wait for the power to come back on. (Really?)

"The Coffee Maker only brews hot water" - possible cause - there are no coffee grounds in filter basket. Solution - add desired amount of coffee to filter. (Gosh, this had baffled me from years!)

The Coffee Maker brews slowly" - possible cause - the machine needs to be cleaned. Solution - clean the machine.

And finally (and this one cracked me up)

The coffee is not hot (but it brewed?). - possible cause - There's a power outage. Solution - wait for power to come back on.

And someone had to sit down and write this. It was their job. I am so never quitting my theatre job.

Good night!

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Just wondering

What’s the wisest thing you have ever heard someone say?

What lessons in life did you learn to hard way?

How often do your biggest worries and fears come true?

Stolen from Nakeisha

You Should Have Been Born in the Spring

You are an upbeat, hopeful, and positive person. You are constantly curious about the world around you. You love to explore and see what's out there. You love the feeling of unlimited possibilities, and you are often excited for the future.

You have always found it easy to make friends. You see the best in people, and you love to learn about them.
You are an excellent conversationalist and quite witty. You have a fun comeback for everyone.

You are optimistic about everything, but it means you sometimes take on more than you can handle. You don't want to say no.You are impulsive and easily excitable. You sometimes speak without thinking or say too much too soon!

Yeah, okay, this is pretty much me and I do like Spring, but I'd expected Autumn.


haven't been around a lot lately

It seems to take longer and longer to get caught up with stuff after a vacation these days. We were only home a day before heading to the theatre to see our Holiday show - Disney's Little Mermaid. Overall we really enjoyed the production. I have posted the review behind a cut for anyone who wants to read it. I did have to post a picture of my boss. He really was spectacular. We also had a note from a Disney rep who was very pleased with our handling of the show and keeping it true to the 'Disney' look and feel. The best part was watching the little girls with Ariel afterwards. They were in love.

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Also it looks like the end of the road for our old feral cat, Sir Hiss. While we were gone, he seems to have contracted mange in a bad way and showed up on our doorstep last night too weak to do much more than look miserable. We hooked up the heated cathouse for him and made sure he was food and water and this morning we took him in to be put to sleep. Poor old man, he's had a hard life. I'm glad we were able to make his later years less of a struggle by offering him shelter and food.

Then on Saturday, after successfully avoiding it for nearly a week, I caught TBG's crud and have a cold to go back to work with. Unlike him, I will take stuff to make me feel better, but it's not what I need when facing three weeks of work. Blah...

Finally, a call out for some good thoughts for a friend of mine. Her husband was injured and while he will recover, she could use all the good energy we can send her way. It's another reminder to let folks know how you feel about them because you never know.

Okay, I need more coffee now.

A message from Sparky

She wanted me to let everyone know that she arrived okay and that she is having a wonderful time. She said that she is completely at peace and hasn't cried once (except when she found out she had no internet). She is thrilled and happy that she made the trip.


Sleep well, my friends

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just wondering

When was the last time you saw a hotel room with an ash tray in it?

What was the oddest gift you ever got as a souvenir from someone?

Did you ever wear fake nails?


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