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My next door neighbors are rabbits

I mean, seriously, how many times can you have sex in one weekend? I have got to get them to either move the bed away from the wall or oil their box springs...

So, yesterday was interesting. Most of the day was pretty laid back and not too crazy. There was a nap involved and I have very nearly gotten rid of my sinus headache. In fact, I was taking a second nap when this god awful shriek woke me up. "Watch the cats." That's what it means. You watch them , you don't get involved in TV and ignore them. Meanie got ahold of Patachou again. This was very bad... not so much that Meanie hurt him, but he really scared him. He literally scared the sh*t out of him. He's got a case of diarrhea and he totally lost it. We had to clean him up with towels and even clipped fur in an attempt to clean him up. Yeah, that was fun. Not necessarily the high point of my day

Then we headed over to Barb's and we were all a bit concerned. She started to bring it up and Jeff shut her down. Instead, we had an incredible meal that reflected their most recent trip to Venice and Croatia. The food was fabulous. It started with bread topped with buffalo mozzarella and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil that Barb had picked up at a olive oil tasting. It was so fresh, light and fruity as compared to our version of extra virgin olive oil. She also brought back some grana padana parmesan cheese. So very yum! Then we headed to the table where we were given a plate of lighting dressed lettuce and left to build our own salad from: roasted red peppers, marinated eggplant, three kinds of Italian meats, olives, nuts, and tuna. It was incredible. Our main entrée was gnocchi in a blue cheese cream sauce with radicchio and walnuts. Wow! And for dessert, it was a semi frozen mixture of eggs, cream, sugar and Torroni (an Italian nougat candy). So incredible. Everything was served with OZV - an old vine zinfandel from Lodi.

After dinner, Jeff finally opened the floor to discussion about the show. We all agreed that it sucked very large rocks and that the board made a big mistake hiring him. I told Barb that the board needed to hold it together until after Calendar Girls because his friend was directing and it's in rehearsals now. She agreed, but said that the writing is on the wall for him. That's such a load off my shoulders, you wouldn't believe it. He doesn't know the community, doesn't want to and refuses to budge at all. He still thinks he's going to set the theatre community on its ear and it's Stockton's fault if they don't get it. I'm just so relieved that the theatre had pulled itself together and is standing united on this.

Finally, I have no cat photos this weekend. Instead, I bring you my latest quilting project and Fred.

Here is the finished quilting project. TBG really likes it. I'm still not in love with the colors.

Fred in his almost finished sailor outfit. I still have to put the trim on his sleeves and the back of his collar.

I wish everyone a lovely (and quiet) Sunday. Me, I'm going back to bed now... well, at least after I feed the cats...
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