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Wednesday already

Had the follow up with my NP yesterday and was shocked to hear that everything was fine. My cholesterol, my thyroid, my bp, everything was perfect. Not only that, but there was no sign of diabetes. Considering my family's history, that's practically a miracle. The only issue she saw was that I had too much iron and it was messing up my liver enzymes. She told me to stop taking that and come back in two months for a follow up. Needless to say, I'm doing a very happy dance. It doesn't make my back, carpal tunnel, or arthritis any happier, but who cares? Those I can live with.

Little Black has vanished again, but I am comforted in knowing that he did show up and knows that we (and food) are here for him. We have spoken with our neighbors, so they are on a look out for him as well.

Work is starting to pick up. We have money again, which is a glorious thing. I am hoping to have a stack of checks to mail out today. It will be good to be caught up with everything again. Now to pay for the rights to Mamma Mia...

I hope that everything is going well for everyone. It's just 34 days before vacation and I am starting to get really excited. Not sure if it's because of the cruise of seeing Sparky. Both, I suspect.
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