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Well, this is hardly fair.

It's already Sunday afternoon and I've still got way too much to do. Where's a TARDIS when you need it?

The sad part is that I've got very little to show for this weekend, well, except for a tidy pantry and hall closet. We had an infestation of some little mothy things, so we cleaned out the top part of the pantry. I had to fight to toss jam from 1997 (no exaggeration). TBG holds onto stuff like you don't believe. I did get some stuff tossed though.

We did a few things for the cruise, like looking for paper plates and our small knife pouch (hence the cleaning of the closet) and working on a sign from the cabin door. We have 29 people coming, I needed something!

We went over to Home Depot looking for diatomaceous earth, which we didn't find, but I now have plenty of herbs to plant.

Everything just seems to lead to two or three other things that need to be done.

Last night we did ribs, corn on the cob and a cucumber & onion salad and watched The Prisoner - Many Happy Returns. I'd forgotten how violent a show that was, but it sure was fun to see Portmeirion and know we'd walked those streets!

And because it's Sunday and we have lazy cats...

The quilting project. I'm currently working on the vine. I had the stars in place, but I had to take them off.

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