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Happy Wednesday!

How it got here this fast is beyond me. The days are just racing by and that's fine with me. Just as long as they slow down next month.

The flyer for Calendar Girls should be hitting mailboxes today - thank the stars. We had a grand total of three calls on Monday and Tuesday. Between that and no walk ups, the bottom line was getting scary again. I am hoping that we will start getting calls soon. I love my theatre and all, but I'd like my paycheck on time.

Sceona's SO went to the ER with a bad stomach ache. They suspected pancreatitis, then during a scan for nodules on his lungs and liver. He's been referred to an oncologist and we are all waiting for news. I don't envy her right now. The golf course is cutting back her hours like crazy and now this.

The rain has come back, but at least it's on its way out for the weekend. while it's not a special day for us, I know that many families and churches have outside stuff planned for Sunday. It will be cool but dry. Jeff called us and asked if we'd like to come to dinner that night. It will be a nice start to a busy week. He asked us to bring au gratin potatoes. It took me forever to find a recipe.

All is well here. Little Black is back on schedule and everyone outside seems to be recovering from their various Meanie attacks. I wish they'd just gang up and let into him for a change.

Seriously, nothing is going on here. I finished the vine on my quilting square and spent last night adding a leaf and a star. It doesn't sound like much, but it felt like a huge step forward. I'd never done anything like the vine before. The next one will be much easier.

We are heading out to dinner tonight at a new restaurant. It's pricy, so we had been holding out for a special occasion. It's Jeff's birthday, so what better? Tomorrow should be interesting, though. I really don't like going out on a work night.

Can I leave on vacation now, please?
Tags: cats, quilting, theatre
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