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Well, the day has certainly flown by.

I wish work days would go this quickly.

Mostly it's been a day of chores, like picking up stuff for the upcoming trip, dropping paper towels and cat litter off at the shed (we have no storage space at home anymore), getting the car gassed up, answered a million e mails and trying (only trying, mind you) to get caught up with my Spanish on Duolingo. Es sin esperanza.

Tonight we are heading up to Sacramento, first to have dinner at Tapa the World, a (wait for it) tapa bar with friends. Then we will head over to the theatre to see 'The Bodyguard.' I'm not sure how close it is to the movie, but I haven't seen the movie, so I don't think it will matter one way or the other. This will be our last show of the season as we will be missing 'Phantom of the Opera' - not a tragedy as we've seen in six times before.

Finally, after what seems like forever, we have a lovely day here - sunny and highs supposedly to 80. We will see. then we nosedive back down into the mid 70's, then the 60's. this has been the coolest spring on record. They're telling me.

Am still learning my way around the phone. I have picture taking down. Now to figure out how to get them off... I'm sure there is a way. I've managed to make a call and even text, so that's a huge step forward over the other phone.

Otherwise, this is a weekend like so many others, chockfull of nothing special, yet somehow we will be on a dead run the whole time. Vacation is looking better and better. And best of all, there's a Man from UNCLE marathon on Decades this weekend. Yay, something to watch!

So, heave ho, me hearties, and have a great weekend!
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