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So tired...

Can't believe the weekend is nearly over, but I often say that about now. We have done nothing of any great importance. Because of that, the time should move more slowly, but no such luck.

We did have a really nice evening on Friday. The musical, The Bodyguard, was an okay see once show. The casting was good and the singing knocked it out of the park. We had a fabulous meal at Tapa the World and the traffic wasn't too awful.

Yesterday we did the usual shopping and just hung about the house. I tried a new recipe out of the latest Jacques Pepin cookbook - pork schnitzel (you grind up rice cakes and use it as breading for the pork). After you finish sautéing them, you make a sauce with balsamic vinegar, chicken stock and Bloody Mary mix. It sounds strange, but it was fabulous. Served it with some mashed potatoes and zucchini. Not a bad meal at all.

Today has been a sort of quiet grumpy day. My allergies are horrific and that's put me in a not-so-nice mood. Did start on packing, so that's a step forward. I'm at that point where I want to chuck the whole thing because there's so much to do in the next couple of weeks. That will soon pass with a bit more sleep and stuff accomplished.

Tonight will be some easy corn chowder - always a crowd pleaser around our place. We are playing the Monopoly game at Safeway and today we got a couple for free Pirate Booty Puffs. TBG thought it was specialty toilet paper. I did Google it - I like his idea better than the reality.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend.

And one of the good things about LJ - photos...

The quilt in progress...

The Cats

Pye helping me pack

Bete Noir cleaning up

The boys admiring some roses from the garden

Jenny being silly!
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