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And somehow it's Sunday again

It has been an odd weekend of not being able to sleep at night and lazy days. Yet, there has been very busy in a way. Yesterday we did our grocery shopping and then had a quiet afternoon of napping and relaxing with the cats.

Today had been the same sort of thing. We both got up way too early this morning, helped along by a skunk attack. The smell was so awful and it gives me such a bad headache that going back to sleep was impossible. I got up and tried to focus on stuff here - if my response to your post sounded a bit odd, I plead the stench.

I took a shower and we headed first to the farmer's market, where we picked up some treats from M&W Bakery and then over to Safeway for a Celery root(I'm making leek and celery soup tonight). Afterwards we headed out to Eight Mile and the strip mall there and dropped a sizable chunk of change getting cat food, treats and litter for the vacation. I treated TBG to lunch at Sonic's and when we got home, it was by mutual consent that a nap was needed. Even the cats, who had spent the morning zooming around, agreed.

Now we are up and have fiddled with some more packing and TBG is getting ready to vacuum upstairs. It's scary how gritty things get with all the cat boxes.

And because it's Sunday - I bring you cat shots and the finished Raven square.

The finished square - the first of nine!

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