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The Friday Five for May 12, 2017

1) What famous landmarks have you visited?

2) How has travel affected you?

3) What are the best souvenirs you’ve ever collected while traveling?

4) What is your fantasy vacation?

5) Would you want to be a space tourist?

1. Oh, so many in London, Scotland and Ireland, plus The Sydney Opera House, the Louver, the Eiffel Tower, tons of stuff, even Devil's Island!

2. I would like to think that it has made me more patient with visitors to our country It certainly has expanded my food palate and my vocabulary.

3. Hmm, interestingly enough, a wooden spoon from New Zealand. it's made of Cowry wood and I use it for pretty much every meal I prepared. Also have some potholders that bring back a smile every time I use them.

4. A cruise down the Nile, with many stops along the way. One of these days, I will get to Egypt...

5. Nope, never have been interested in space travel... at least not for me.
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