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Panama Day 4 – on the open seas

Weather: grey and cool, moderate sea

Slept like a log last night. I can tell this because of how stiff I am this morning. I even allowed myself to sleep in until almost five. It felt great!

Got up, dressed, and went up to the buffet for some coffee and ran into one of our CC folks. His wife and I had corresponded the most during our roll call, so it was fun to meet up with him. We also ran into people yesterday (I was wearing my Cruise Critic shirt for that very reason).

We met up with Sparky for breakfast at the buffet and then it was time for some heavy relaxing. I won’t admit to the actual amounts of each, but involved was: napping, quilting, reading, eating and the partaking of yummy adult beverages.

We spent much of the afternoon getting ready for our Meet and Greet. At three Sparky and I started to prep our apps, a skewer of a cherry tomato, mini mozzarella balls, a piece of basil and a piece of cucumber. Then once assembled, it was drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Catering/Room service hit it out of the ballpark. They brought the food, but also dishes, platters, napkins, tablecloths, everything! They set it all up and then took it all down.

Then it was time to sit and await the first guest. This is always a worrisome time for me – all this food and all this prep, what if no one shows up? I didn’t have to fear. Practically everyone arrived at 4:30 on the dot – all 42 people. It was tight, but such fun. Everyone chatted like they were long lost friends and there was so much laughter. I finally had to kick everyone out at 5:30 so that we could head down to the dining room. No one wanted to leave. They lingered outside the door and were still talking even as we were leaving. Everyone told me how much fun Sparky was and she seemed to hold her own, sitting and chatting with folks as TBG and I passed trays and socialized. It was great fun and, I think, a great success.

Dinner wasn’t met with the same enthusiasm, probably due to the after effects of the party. Sparky had a shrimp cocktail and seafood skewers, TBG had jackfruit and pineapple in a tequila sauce, chilled pear soup, and surf and turf. I had cockaleekie soup and an oxtail and pasta. For dessert, Sparky had a crème brulee and TBG had a rhubarb Napoleon (Oh, the jokes that were made) and some red current sorbet.

We headed back to the cabin and watched the sunset. I turned in while TBG and Sparky continued to visit on the balcony. Room service arrived to clear everything away – finally and our steward gave them a ration because he couldn’t prepare the room proper for us to go to bed. We assured him that it was fine.

So another successful sea day.
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