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Panama Day 9 – at sea

Weather – 30 c and calm seas.

The last of our three days at sea and a day of subtle surprises. Sparky was already at the buffet this morning, which was a delight and without her cane. She is moving so much better, but I told her to take the cane on the excursion, just in case she needed it. We will see if she does.

After a nice breakfast, we went swimming and Sparky joined us. She was delighted at how lovely the water was and watched us while we swam laps. While TBG cleaned up, I stuck around the pool and talked with Sparky a bit before heading back down to the cabin to clean up.

At ten, there was a lecture – how to build and octagonal home and stay married. I wasn’t all that interested in the subject matter, but the people giving the lecture were both on our CC roll call and I felt obligated to attend at least one of their talks. Another reason is that it is in my beloved foothills and we have a standing invitation to visit the next time we are in the area.

It was the project from hell. They used a kit home and nothing went right, from the length of the bolts to the green lumber to the delivery in the middle of the rainy season. It was a nightmare and I am amazed that they are still married. I’m amazed that the company that caused them so much heartache and money is still in business. I hope their other homes are better made.

After shaking my head in wonder, we headed up to the buffet, for it was indeed time to eat again. Then a nap. I was reading Occult and Battery by Lena Gregory – not that great a read, to be honest and I had the bad guy pegged from the start – when TBG said that Sparky was coming over. We ended up watching Kiki’s Delivery Service until it was time to dress for dinner. Tonight was special because we were headed upstairs to Sabatini’s for dinner.

I have to say in hindsight that the food in the dining room is just as good, if not better, than this restaurant. The menu is fixed so you can have from one to eleven courses. They used to serve you everything, but learned that no one can eat that much food (unless you are Illya, of course). I’m not going to remember all the items, but they tout lobster three ways, a veal chop (which both Sparky and I had) and a lovely seafood over pasta that I would have loved to have tried, but it had clams.

Sparky had an artichoke soufflé that she loved, but I thought the cheese overpowered everything. She followed that with the chop. TBG had a shrimp and fennel app, again the fennel overpowered the shrimp. Then he had a white bean and mussel soup which he liked and baked manicotti for his entrée. I had the same app and the manicotti for my app. I liked it very much, but he thought the tomato sauce was a bit too acid. He said mine was better (this is why we are still married. :D ). For dessert, both he and Sparky had lemon pie which they loved. I had a sorbretto – a ‘dessert’ from the bar – vodka, limoncello and a couple of other liquors thrown in. TBG had a glass of Galliano and we finished the rest of the Shromsberg Cremant champagne.

While dinner was happen, we had the most gorgeous sunset – the sun was blood red. It is amazing how quickly night falls here. By seven, it was completely dark. There were no clouds and the stars were so spectacular. I’d forgotten just how many stars there are at night. It was a restful yet busy day. A perfect day at sea. Tomorrow – Nicaragua!
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