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Panama Day 16 – at sea

Weather – grey cloudy day eventually burning off to sun, 29 C with grey angry seas.

I woke up wondering how Sparky had slept. The ship is really bouncing around this morning, I even took another Dramamine just to be on the safe side. There are white caps and moderate waves. It will be rough in the pool today – that almost guarantees we will have it to ourselves.

Didn’t see Sparky for breakfast, but called her when we got back to the cabin. She hadn’t slept much at night because of the waves. To be sure, they were bothering me as well. There are times that not even Dramamine works. We spent part of the morning, sleeping and reading (quelle surprise!), although TBG did catch the Panama Canal video, which he ordered and we did pick up a couple of things in the shops.

Came back to the cabin after lunch to find that Sparky was up and about and I’d just missed her. I’d headed back to the cabin while TBG decided to check out the desserts – nothing upsets his stomach, but mine was acting a bit coy. She came down to the cabin for a while, then decided it was time for naps all around. The extra Dramamine was making me that sleepy. *yawn*

Woke from an afternoon nap to calmer seas and that was a delight. Still didn’t see Sparky again until dinner. She’d spent most of the day on Deck Five in a deck chair, dozing. What a wild crazy life we lead.

However, there was a surprise waiting for me when I got to our table tonight. There was a bottle of Overture waiting for me. TBG had ordered it last night and it was just as good as it was in the wine tasting. Sparky touched her tongue to it, declared that it wasn’t as bad as some of the swill I drink and passed. Josco, our captain came by, and we offered him a glass and so we drank to our good health. It is a very nice wine.

Dinner was Italian and lovely. Sparky started with prosciutto, then had a cold peach soup, followed by chicken, the least Italian entrée for the night– she explained that she grew up with Italian food and nothing else cut it, although they were preparing a special ‘not on the menu’ dish of rigatoni in a spicy tomato sauce which we ordered for the table. She said it was very good and close to what she grew up with.

TBG and I both started with eggplant in marinara – exquisite! Then we both had the pasta figolia (which I’m spelling wrong), then he added the cold soup, but in a glass as a smoothie and the salad before his entrée of shrimp and scallops in a white cream sauce. I had the vegetarian dish of stuffed zucchini, but by this point, I was stuffed myself! :P I wish I could have taken it home and done it justice.
Sparky had a scoop of the honey nut ice cream and an egg and cream ice cream. TBG got a three layer sponge cake that was so light, it nearly floated off the plate. They were also serving limoncello, homemade on the ship, so we had a round. Sparky said it was wasted on her and gave her glass to me.

We decided to call it an evening as we have an early morning call in the morning for Aruba. I just hope Sparky can sleep…
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