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Panama Day 19 – Welcome to Cuba!

Weather, overcast with a chance of rain, 24 c. with calm seas

Hello, what? Cuba? That’s the message my phone greeted me with this morning. We are sailing between Haiti and Cuba and just in the distance you can see both of them. Sadly, we aren’t stopping at either, but are in fact sailing on for Florida.

Today was a hard day because as ready as I am to be home, this has been a nice cruise. It’s been fun to have Sparky close at hand and she does seem keen to do this again, may the Goddess save her.

The high point of the day was, as always, food related. This time is was a cooking display put on by Chef and Oscar, the Maître D’hotel. They prepared a salmon fettucine (onion, garlic, salmon, chopped tomatoes, a bit of cream and some vodka). Then they moved on to Shrimp Diablo (onion, garlic, chopped red chili peppers, chopped tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato juice and some cognac). Chef was messing about and tossed the entire dish of red peppers in (to taste -:O) and no one could eat it (nor would he let them).

Then they brought up their retiring pastry chef (after 45 years with Princess) and he made a black forest cake,(properly), while Oscar and Chef had fun playing with theirs – Chef’s cake ended up with nearly and entire bottle of kirsch in it while Oscar was pouring something else – not sure what – over his. They were totally over the top and silly.

We ran into Sparky after the show as we were looking at photos (she had called earlier to say she wouldn’t be meeting us for breakfast) and came back to the cabin to chat about the afternoon’s activities. As she had packed the day before, she had the afternoon free, but we needed to pack up the rest of our stuff and have it ready to go for dinner. She came over later and TBG tried to download her photos to our Surface Pro. It took a bit, but TBG managed after a while.

We watched some more Dibley and chatted before she left us to dress for our final dinner. We started to hand out our gifts, various flavored nuts, and monetary gifts (over and above the daily tipping). Then dinner happened.

Sparky started with a beef consumme, then a chilled pumpkin, which was the first thing she didn’t like – the first thing!- and followed with black mussels, which she proclaimed as perfect! TBG had a seafood trio(crab, shrimp & scallop) with avocado , followed by the pumpkin soup, which he did like, and the meatloaf. I pushed my envelope a bit and had a puff pastry with a creamed sweetbread filling. I followed with a Philadelphia hot pot (with tripe) and then had Fettucine Alfredo for my entrée.

Tonight was the march of the Baked Alaska, which has changed so much over the years. When we started cruising, they would carry the flaming Alaska through the restaurants, then stop at your table and present you with your dessert. Then they went to have electronic candles and then would present it to you. Now, they give you a slice of it prior to the march, because the Alaskas are all fake.

We went back to the room and watched nearly all of the second dvd of Dibley and turned in.

Panama Day 20 – back to the real world

Just an addendum to this. We are currently docking in Fort Lauderdale even as I type this. It has been a lovely and exciting trip and I want to thank everyone who came along with me! I cherished your comments and looked forward each day to sharing our adventures with you. Thanks so much and we’ll try to do this again in October. :D
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