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Nearly home

Weather clear and hot, hot, hot! Alas, no seas.

Sitting is a hotel in Fort Lauderdale after a fabulous evening with our friends.

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay in our cabin a bit longer than usual because it wasn't being used to house contractors for the re-fit. We watched the last episode of Season 2 of Vicar of Dibley and a Dr. Who episode, then headed out. We were surprised to be one of the last people off the ship. They had been moving people off as fast as possible. There were only about thirty suitcases left by the time we got off the ship. We walked through customs and headed outside. The downfall was that the rental car place was at the other end of the building.

We walked by tons of people and wondered what was going on - then we saw Carnival Conquest (I think). I'm guessing about 3000/4000 passengers fill that puppy up. It was huge. We got to the rental car shuttle and waited about five minutes. The shuttle was ours alone and we headed over to a hotel, which was the closest spot. They gave us a lovely SUV that would handle all our luggage and drove to our hotel to check in. As it was only 10:15 at that point (we weren't an hour off the ship yet), I was dubious about our room being ready. Not only was it ready, but they upgraded us to an ocean-view king.

We sat around and rested before heading out to check out the grounds. It's very warm and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. After lunch (Sparky had a seafood salad, TBG had fish tacos, and I had a grilled mahi mahi burger) - all very good, we headed back to the room and Sparky announced she was ready to head to the airport for her 6 p.m. flight. It wasn't quite 1 p.m. yet, but we said our moist goodbyes and I stayed behind at the hotel while TBG took her to the airport (this will make our trip to the airport much easier today).

I waited for our friends to call us, but TBG got back and took a longish nap and we finally called their cell and got them. They got in just after three, they were supposed to be here at noon. :P Anyhow, it was wonderful to see them and they are one floor below us and two rooms over.

We met up and went for an invigorating swim in the ocean (watched the Carnival ship sail out - my word that's a big ship) and then retired to the room to get ready for dinner at the restaurant's premier restaurant 30/30. We'd eaten there on our last visit and while this wasn't quite the same, it was still an evening of incredible flavors.

TBG and Rose started out with ahi poke, I had Cordon (?) sashimi, Wendy had grilled octopus and Mike had a garden salad. TBG also had a grilled peach salad. Entrees were interesting. Mike and I had grouper, Wendy had the same fish as I did, but cooked, TBG had Ahi, and Rose, not a seafood lover, had chicken. All of it was lovely and samples of everything flew around the table. And yes, there are photos...

Afterwards we came back to the room and talked the evening away. We were so stuffed that the thought of breaking out the limoncello seemed silly, so interesting we just relaxed and caught up with each other's lives.

Today we fly back home and will get in at around ten, after dealing with two flights, an hour and change BART ride and then ninety mile ride home (complete with broken window). By then, I should be ready for another vacation! :P
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