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I'm ready for another vacation...

Yesterday was a bit of a blur of activity.  There are times when it's hard to realize how much crap we do in one day.  Example, TBG got up at six (I'd alreayd been up for three hours) and we went out to breakfast, as is usual.  Then we did our grocery shopping for the week and headed home. Then he decided we needed to work in the garden. I had hoped to do some quilting, but it wasn't happening. While he worked on constructing a cage for the tomatoes, I knocked down three weeks worth of spider webs with the Webster, weeded, fertilized and watered the front and back gardens and pots. Then I Webstered the house and upstairs porch while he deadhead and tidied up the hanging pots and trimmed back the roses, lemon tree and hydrangea.

I also washed the floors in the kitchen and entry hall, plus washed down the walls and furniture to remove any extra 'cat' smell from the dining room and living room. Titan sprays when he's upset. I scrubbed all the upholstery as well. I gathered up all the clothes we use as furniture protectors, changed the bed while I was at it and ran a load of laundry. Then it was time for lunch.

While TBG crashed for an hour, I cleaned up e mails, finished a story and sent it off to my beta, cleaned the bathrooms, worked on some photos, and started to organize the gifts we'd brought back from our trip. Then we headed over to a friend's house for apps and cocktails for a couple of hours before going out to dinner and making plans to go to a show, a wine tasting and organizing a celebration party. We got home around ten, fed the cats a snack (with the vain hope that they'd let me sleep) and that was Saturday.

This morning was early again as cats don't care about snacks. I got up and fed them, worked on LJ stuff and started rewriting the story I thought was finished, but really wasn't. TBG got up and we made breakfast, then worked on an app for the swim party tonight. TBG went to the store and I finished up the second Raven square. He came back and we did some fine tuning, then went back to bed, no sleeping, just reading, until it was time for an early lunch. Then we headed to the farmer's market, Target and then spent an hour with a friend who's in rehab for a broken leg.

And that's up to now. We have about 45 minutes to pull everything together for the pool party now, including feeding cats (again!), packing lunches for tomorrow, getting everything put to rights for the work week. Yeah, so much for resting this weekend. Thank the Goddess tomorrow is a work day!
Tags: cats, friends, real life, weekends
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