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Again with the rain

It makes me feel as if we are back in April. We never get rain in June... and yet it's raining out. Which means it's snowing up the hill. Wow, there really is going to be skiing for the 4th!

Still no movement on the repair of the car window. Why do things seem so complicated these days? We have the Bronco going in on Saturday for its annual tune up. Because our mechanic works out of his mother's garage, it always seems to take about three weeks to get anything accomplished. The good new is that he's very reasonable and he rebuilt the Bronco practically from scratch after it got hit by lightning. Hopefully we will have it back before we need to head to the high country.

We got the menu set for Rod's celebration dinner next weekend. it's the 4th anniversary of his death and we decided to have a barbecue and feature all his favorite foods, like steak, corn on the cob, creamed spinach, etc. There will be about a dozen folks involved and it should be a hoot.

Yesterday, something odd happened. As a rule, when someone close to the theatre is hospitalized or suffers a loss, we send flowers. Jim Coleman, a former Artistic Director, and current director fell downstairs backstage and shattered his tibia and fibula in his right leg. He's currently in a rehab center. Paul Kimble is the husband of our board president and a long time music director/actor for the theatre (we are talking decades of involvement). He just lost his parents three days apart. Yesterday, Dennis asked me to send Paul flowers. At the direction of the board president, I sent flowers to Jim. Okay, mission accomplished and I sent an e mail to Sceona (the BM) as a matter of course.

She sent back a strongly worded e mail that non-profits do NOT send flowers to anyone, period. If anyone does, it should be the board and out of their own pockets. Um, so I'm going to tell the board president that she has to pay for and send her husband flowers from the theatre... yeah, I don't think so. And that I can't send flowers to a man who has helped shape SCT from the ground up and who isn't suing us or demanding any medical reimbursement from us. Um, am I missing something here?

We won't even get into the asinine e mail I got from a former VP of Finance about me having the audacity to fill out an application, even though it's old business and the owner asked for me to do it personally.

The cats have finally settled down, although Jenny is still very clingy at night. At least they are enjoying the cooler weather. I swear they were dancing with happiness when t we let them stay out later last night. it takes so little to make them happy.

And that's been my week, boys and girls. I am so glad this is my Friday that I could cry.
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