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I have a misery

Usually when I think about ABBA, it's always with a happy heart. It makes me laugh and to sing. Working for an ABBA appreciation band, that's been a major coup. However, last year JW pulled the plug on Waterloo. Not long after, the band announced that it was regrouping, sans its founder/leader/drummer and becoming Super Trooper. We had operated lights & special effects for Waterloo for eight of its ten years. We were a family... except no one said 'boo' to us about the new band, not even an invite to hear them play. Guess they figured that since we were close to JW, we wouldn't be interested. Okay, that hurt, but it is what it is.

Except this year Super Trooper is closing the Free Concerts in the Park series, just as Waterloo had for years. It always broke the record for attendance and it was always a fun way to end the summer. My conundrum, do we go for the sake of ABBA or should we just forget about it out of loyalty to JW and the crappy way they treated us?

I just don't know the answer... what do you guys think?
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