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So much sun...

Yeah, it's hot here. After nearly a week of 100+ days, there's just no other word left to describe it here. Tomorrow we 'top out' at 111 F. It hasn't been that hot on this date since 1961 - I can't even imagine what it must have been like back then here. I'm keeping good thoughts for our power grid. It is really straining.

Yesterday I told TBG that my fetching and carrying days were over until the a/c in the Buick is fixed. He's been holding off taking it in because he wanted it available for the glass guys. I pick him up at three... yesterday he came out after a half hour. He'd been on a phone call and needed to finish it... in his office that is constantly 68 F degrees. I was stuck in the car without shade, water, or a/c for a half hour. I was not happy, to say the least. He can bloody well take himself to work today.

We have Barb coming over for dinner tonight. Last night we made our roulades - strips of steak marinated in soy, papaya, ginger, and sake, filled with carrots, celery, peppers and cabbage. We rolled them up in food service wrap and will grill them tonight. We are going to start with bird nests (shredded carrots, zucchini and peppers) then will move on to vichyssoise as a starter, then dinner, then ice cream and watermelon for dessert. We have lots of fruit, so I'm going to push for some aqua fresca for a beverage. Here's hoping that everything comes to pass.

Happy first day of Summer. We welcomed the arrival last night with lavender cakes and calm thoughts. The cats slept. It seemed right.
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