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We are survivors.

It wasn't quite the same as Godzilla tromping on our fair city, but it sort of felt like that Tuesday night. Stockton has done away with illegal fireworks, only permitting safe and sane (an oxymoron at best) within city limits. This means that everyone and their brothers have bought the heavy artillery rounds. Seriously, it sounded like a war zone here last night. Poor Patachou was terrified and spent a good portion of the night under the bed. TBG laid on the floor and talked to him until he finally had enough courage to come out and wedge himself between us on the bed. The other cats were also very close last night.

The fact that the theatre was selling fireworks (the legal kind) didn't make me any happier. However, the $37,000+ we made with it in six days cheered me considerably. We only get to keep about half that amount because of our agreement with the fireworks company, but still. And we only got two counterfeit bills. I was amazed. However, if anyone has ever tried to deposit that much money at the bank, you know what a hassle it is. I practically had to give them a DNA sample just to deposit. Go freaking figure.

Things are coming along nicely with the plans for the bunkhouse. Today will be our big push to get everything ready to go and packed. We will be loading up at the crack of dawn on tomorrow morning. I am excited, but it would be nice to be able to wave my hands and have this all done.

On top of everything else, we broke out the carpet cleaner and cleaned the rug in the living room. I also wanted to re-do the area by the master bathroom because it still smeled of urine. "Let's move the shoe rack," my industrious husband cries. "Okay!" Yeah... all those shoes, mostly his, later and it was determined, the shoe rack, which was a five-shelf particle board bookcase, was a lost cause to cat urine. It was replaced with a much larger wire rack. At least this one I can clean under. And it does smell a lot better there now.

So, that's where we stand. Cranky, exhausted, but still standing. That's good, right?
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