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Well that's just... neat!

Or not. We heard on the news last night to expect an over-abundance of spiders this summer because of all the rain and lovely weather we've had. I'm okay with Daddy Long Legs, but the rest better just stay out of my sight. For both our sakes.

I have a sick kitty (when don't I have a sick kitty?). Two days ago she was fine, but now Pye isn't eating or drinking to my knowledge. it's hard to tell with five cats who is and isn't eating/drinking, but she likes to drink from the wet bar's faucet. This morning she just looked at it. The best I could do with a vet appointment tomorrow. I am hoping she will rally by then. Titan is going through an upset tum bout. Yeah, my joy runneth over. I should buy stock in Resolve....

We had a really success run this week with our renewals. Our deadline for member renewal was last Sunday, so this week I started calling people. We got $17,000+ in renewals and donations. And would the AD or BM say thanks or even acknowledge our hard work. No, they both complained that we should have worked harder to get them to donate more money to us. What? Really? What a couple of dicks (no offense to any Richards reading this).

Tonight we are heading up to Sacramento to see On the Town. I'm especially keen on this as it was the Boy's master's project (not this production, of course). It was nearly ten years ago... how the hell is that possible? We are going to have dinner at Tapa the World beforehand. I'm almost of a mind to scrap it, but TBG is very excited.

Tomorrow we are going to take a cruise of the port and delta with Barb and Jeff. it's something the city offers every year. I'm quite looking forward to it. Later, we will head over to Lodi for dinner at the newly remodeled Pietro's. it's been closed for nearly three months, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they did.

Hope everyone has a good weekend ahead.
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