spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

When it rains...

So, we made an appointment with a really good car shop in town to have them fix the failing a/c. Then this morning we get a call From Stockton Auto Glass saying that they have our part, can we bring the car in. Um, no? Oh, and they think this one might be too small... sigh... so, so over this.

Another cool morning and I'm so rocking these. Of course, but Thursday, we will be back in the 100's for the weekend. This will be the fourth weekend in a row of over 100 degree temps. Fall cannot get here soon enough. I'm all for warm weather, but this is too much. This summer is going down as the hottest summer ever on record. Whee!

Can I go home now... please?
Tags: autumn, car repair, weather
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