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In the calm before the storm

TBG is off with Jeff seeing Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets and I'm using this time to have a bit of me time. So far, I've swept the front and back porches, tidied up the dining and living rooms, gotten everything ready for the evening's soup, set the table, rearranged some flowers, dyed my hair, and written a 1200-word Sapphire and Steel story. Somehow I envisioned me time as being less exhausting.

Tonight is the Willies, our annual award show. I'm not keen on going, but I had the board president personally invite me... twice. How could I refuse? however, before had they are having a reception and then at seven the ceremony starts. It usually runs between two and three hours, no matter what. Then they are having dancing afterwards. I'm not planning on staying for the dancing. Reality, I have to be at work by 7:30 tomorrow - no one else does. That sort of sucks.

Because the food is being catered whatever the Footlighters feel like serving (usually a crudite platter and deli meats, along with buffalo wings, and two or three deep fried things ), I am making soup beforehand (tortilla soup) and we invited Barb to have some. She loves soup, so we are eating and then heading over. I don't want to be tempted to eat anything overly fatty, salty or sweet. Eating before is the best way to stop that.

The winners are no surprises tonight. I am certain that Mary Poppins will sweep the musicals and Calendar Girls will sweep the play category. Maybe I'll sneak out at intermission...
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