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The Friday Five a day early

Anais_pf posed in thefridayfive These questions were written by gh0sts.

1) What is the most outrageous style you've ever rocked?

2) As a teen, were you an emo, goth, punk, grunger, or prep?

3) Have you ever had a crazy hairstyle/colour?

4) Do you think we ever really grow out of our teen selves?

5) Is there any fashion style you wish you could wear but maybe don't have the confidence?

Wow, I don't usually come up against such a roadblock, but fashion is one such time. I have no really interest in fashion or dressing in any one style. At home I wear a tee shirt and shorts/sweats, depending upon the season. At work I wear a SCT polo shirt and Dockers. When I dress up I will wear a Hawaiian shirt and Dockers or a dress/skirt, depending upon on my mood.

1. None. I dress to suit me, no one else.
2. None of the above
3. Purple, once by accident due to a bad hair dye.
4. Possibly, I would like to think that I am a better, more caring person than I was as a teen.
5. Refer to answer 1.
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