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And here we are to Sunday again.

I hope everyone has been having a good Sunday so far. Ours has been pretty quiet, but that will soon be over. We are headed to a pool party in a couple of hours. It should be quite the hoot and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. Dawn will be there and she is doing the cooking - I can't wait as she's a fabulous cook. She's been experiments with smoking, so that should be fun (and tasty).

Our poor dining room looks like a sporting good store threw up in it - it is filled with everything for next weekend. TBG wants to pack up the truck on Wednesday - so when we leave on Thursday, all we will have to do is put in the ice chest. I'm all for that. He is anxious to get out of town and up into the Foothills. He talked with our Florida friends (and co campers) for over an hour last night. They are pretty exited as well.

In the midst of all of that, I finished my next quilting square. This marks number four of nine.

Pye and a friend. The poor little guy's hat is now perforated.

The boys this morning

Jenny and Bete Noir snoozing (not from today, but still applicable)

I hope whatever Sunday brings you will be good and in the midst of everything, you find time to relax.
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