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Wednesday already...

And August is halfway over with. I can't believe how much of the summer is behind us now. It would be good if the weather was reflecting that, but it is as it is.

No sign of Sceona since Thursday of last week. This is probably not the best behavior from someone whose job is being scrutinized. The new bookkeeper was charming and quite nice, although very quiet. TBG set up a log in and email for her yesterday, although with making sure she could access QuickBooks. He left her a letter explaining everything that she needed because tomorrow we leave for the Foothills.

Tonight we will pack up the Bronco, with the exception of the cold stuff. That will go in last tomorrow. I can't believe it's here. We first spoke with the Rives about this back in April and now it's nearly here. It will be odd to go back to the bunkhouse and even odder to be there in August. The weather should be sunny and clear, but cool. I am not hating that.

I will have Wifi until Friday morning as we are staying Thursday night in Sutter Creek. We will take them to one of our favorite wineries and then to one of our favorite restaurants. It won't be Taste, though. Sadly, the food quality there has fallen as the owner's attention is else where and it is no longer the shining gem it once was. Worse, they've raised all the prices almost two fold now. I fear that if something doesn't happen soon, Taste will be closing its doors. It's a shame, too.

Work, sadly, is still very quiet. The flyers went out, but the calls are not coming. This is not a good thing. We are selling tickets, but for things other than Addams Family/. Sigh... not good at all.

Take care and I hope the week has been treating you well. The weekend is nearly here - be brave!
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