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Okay, the next camping installment

Saturday morning came way too soon. We had bought memory foam and a down topper for the sofa bed and it worked like a charm. Even better - no mice! Yay! I didn't sleep as well as I'd hoped, but that was okay. I woke to people tiptoeing back and forth to the bathroom. TBG advised me that it had been going on for about ten minutes. I decided to heck with it and threw on my sweats to start coffee. A word to the wise, when making coffee, make sure there is water in the reservoir. Yeah, that wasn't the best start, but we got it figured out. Made some blueberry scones to get everyone through until I could get breakfast made. We ended up with two left over.

In a stroke of genius, TBG had thought to move the kitchen table to the porch, which meant we could eat outside, plus it gave us more room inside. It was wonderful.

After a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs and O'Brien potatoes, Wendy, Rose and TBG decided they were doing a hike. Wendy wanted to hike to Aloha Lake, a six mile one way hike. so twelve miles in all. Mike talked her through the geo map and we loaded her up with food, a cellphone and water. Rose and TBG went about a mile in with her and then turned back. Mike and I guarded the bunkhouse - he read and I quilted. The morning passed quietly and quickly.

Lunch was hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, beans and fruit. We set up a plate for Wendy and hunkered down for a long afternoon of relaxing. Mike and Rose napped, as did TBG. I read. It was great. Wendy showed up at about 4:30, flushed and looking very pleased, until she took off her hiking boots, at least. She had a huge blister on the side of her big toe. She took a long hot shower, some Motrin and proclaimed herself renewed. Sigh, to be 24 again.

TBG made guacamole, I opened up some wine and we scarfed that down. Wendy and Rose were making dinner, although they were replicating one of my dishes. I had made the marinara for them, so it was simply a matter of browning the chicken, cooking the pasta and then assembling the dish. I ended up helping because, well, why not?

Another successful night of sacrificing marshmallows to the campfire and laughing. It was cloudy, so the stars weren't quite as spectacular, but it was still nice. I have to admit that it didn't take long for sleep to come when we finally retired either.

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