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I really should be writing...

So it just ticked over ten here and I am done for the day. The local power company doesn't want us to run our major appliances between one or after ten p.m. today, so I got an early start on my weekend chores.

I’ve changed sheets, done laundry and put it away. I've cleaned all three bathrooms, washed the floors in the kitchen, entryway and guest bathroom. Washed down the walls in the bathroom and cleaned all the surface areas in the kitchen. I’ve made breakfast and emptied the dishwasher. The trash has been collected and dumped, the cat boxes have been changed and I'm ready to fall on my nose. The minute I lay down, I'm surrounded by cats, all wanting to play or a treat...

We got a good review and I'm hoping this means we will be sold out (or nearly so) for tonight. We were at 48% for the run when I left and there were only sixty seats left for this evening's performance. The Evans are coming down from Sacramento and we are first having dinner at Central and will then check out the show. The night's sponsor is doing some special stuff, so I can't wait to see what he's done. Jay wanted to borrow my haunted 'deconstructed' dollhouse for tonight. I wonder if she really will use it.

I hope that everyone will have a happy and painless Friday. Nearly the weekend and for some of us, Monday off. fingers crossed that that includes you!
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