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Happy Sunday!

Finally a sort of quiet day! It started a bit late as I gave myself permission to sleep in - it felt very nice. Yesterday was quite stressful, although not in a horrible way. After a morning of grocery shopping, we went over to the Greek Festival for lunch. I adore their green beans and the Loukoumades. TBG bought us each a dish, but I ended up taking mine to the office and sharing them with Jay.

The clean up has begun. It was a real eye opener for Jay. For a long time, she didn't believe me when I told her what Sceona was doing. Slowly she discovered that everything I said was true and then some. She even falsified her last time sheet, saying that she had worked 20 hours when she had, in fact, only worked 5.5. It was pretty awful. Talk about having moxie! We even found a $500 check she'd never given to Araceli to deposit. I have more than enough work to keep me busy for quite some time. Yesterday, it was mostly just sorting through things and trying to get stuff organized. I'm sensing some late nights and weekends ahead.

Thankfully, Jay said that she would be taking care of payroll - always a good thing. I prefer to not have to worry about taxes and what not. I will take care of paying the bills and the day-to-day stuff.

Last night, we started a new series - Dickensian - a BBC show from 2015/2016. So far it's pretty interesting and is really stretching my recollection of the various Dickens novels I've read over the years. I made some Hoisin Beef and snow peas over pan fried noodles for dinner and had the rest of the mango/raspberry crumble for dessert.

Today, we are just sort of hanging around and relaxing. I did go to CVS for some last minute travel supplies and TBG went to the Farmers Market. This afternoon we are going to make Cream of Broccoli soup and take it over to Jeff's for dinner and what I suspect will be our last swim of the season.

And since it's Sunday...

I took a shot of my latest quilting square, but it will only appear upside down. I will try again.
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