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Panama Day 16 – at sea

Weather – grey cloudy day eventually burning off to sun, 29 C with grey angry seas.

I woke up wondering how Sparky had slept. The ship is really bouncing around this morning, I even took another Dramamine just to be on the safe side. There are white caps and moderate waves. It will be rough in the pool today – that almost guarantees we will have it to ourselves.

Didn’t see Sparky for breakfast, but called her when we got back to the cabin. She hadn’t slept much at night because of the waves. To be sure, they were bothering me as well. There are times that not even Dramamine works. We spent part of the morning, sleeping and reading (quelle surprise!), although TBG did catch the Panama Canal video, which he ordered and we did pick up a couple of things in the shops.
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Panama Day 15 – Santa Marta, Columbia

Weather – cloudless, sunny, 29 c and calm seas

We had a problem finding an excursion that we wanted to try at this port, so it was decided that we would just look around in town and leave it at that. It was a decision that we were all glad we made later on.

We got up, had breakfast and decided to wait until eight before doing anything. We went down to the gangway, grabbed a free shuttle through the container port where we had docked (it was too dangerous for us to be walking around in a working port).
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