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Just wondering

Who was the last person to knock/ring at your door?

As a kid were you ever frightened of a monster under the bed or in the cupboard?

Do you like to play your favorite music loud or soft?
I belong to both Live Journal and Dreamwidth, although DW is pretty much just a back up for here. I do my posting here and most of my commenting. However, for The Friday Five, I post both here and there in the community.

I am amazed at the anger and hostility that greet my questions on DW, not just this week, but most of the time. The people who tend to respond are rude, nasty, and very angry. They are just looking for a fight. I had one guy go off me because Orlando is more racist than Harlem. Like that's my problem? I'm sorry that you hated school, you hate your life, your family, everything about everything, but it's really not my fault.

I don't get the same level of vitriol here as I do there and it's just dispiriting. A few are nice and I've enjoyed getting to know them more, but for crying out loud. It's almost enough to say forget DW's Friday Five. I will just start posting here.



Easter Eggs are Hatching all over! :D

Every year, mfuwss has an Easter Egg challenge. People put up prompts and the writers have 500 words to get those eggs just right.

This year, I picked three. Links will take you to AO3

Not a Peep of Trouble
- Gen For Lindafishes8, who wanted an Illya-centric story involving purple Peeps.

With a Song in My Heart Slash For Blondie_54 who would love something sappy - prompts; log fire, rain.

Basket of Joy
Slash For Budgieluv What would Napoleon put in an adult Easter Basket? Ideas for it might be a Playboy bunny tail, Cadbury eggs, alcoholic lollipops...

Mmm, no...

Hot Creamed Diced Ham, Oyster, and Mushrooms


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