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OMG - what kind of sorcery is this...

Try it for yourself...



This year we will be at the bunkhouse for my birthday - no internet, no phone, no electricity. Because we arrive on my birthday, TBG asked our friends to bring me a dessert for that evening.

I can't do chocolate and ice cream is dicey (it's an hour drive from the closest store). TBG hates the taste of coffee and this is why I need help. What do you think would make a nice (store bought) dessert? I can't think of anything...


Good morning

Impression Sunrise, Claude Monet

Good night

Minuma River in Omiya, 1930, 川瀬巴水 / Kawase Hasui. (1883 - 1957)


Just wondering

What is the most loving thing you have ever done for yourself?

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done in your life?

Who is your favorite historical figure?

The one in which Spikey is pretty happy

So, on Monday, I made fifty gajillon calls (well, maybe not that many, but it sure seemed like it) to our patrons who had not renewed their season tickets. Between the people who renewed with me and the returned calls, I generated over $5,400 for the box office yesterday. I feel as if I did my fair share of work for the week. :D

Today, we are scheduled to hit 104 and there's a concert in the park. When TBG called John Wells, the drummer for the group appearing today, he was told that it had been changed to next week. You don't know how happy I am that we aren't headed to the park tonight. We will stay in with the cats and the a/c.

Shrek opens this week and ticket sales are hovering about 40%. I hope it does better than last year's Xanadu. Araceli asked me to work for her next Saturday... I didn't want to, but I said yes. It's only from 12 - 2, so it won't be too bad. At least it won't be the evening show...

Sadly, there is no good news for Minnie. She is still without a forever home and getting bigger by the day. Meanie was in residence this morning and got into a fight with Grey. It seriously spooked her. I'm hoping she won't disappear when it's time, but it wouldn't be safe for her out front. Several of the shelters suggested getting her fixed now and taking the kittens. The problem is that it's very late, the kittens are full term and, as pro choice as I am, I just can't... Bast, help me, it would probably be better, but I just can't make that call. I will keep trying today to find a foster home for her. It's all I can do right now.

TBG got tickets for Princess Mononoke - not my favorite, but, oh well... we are also trying to decide upon whether to see Hotel Transylvania 3 or Mamma Mia 2. Decisions, decisions...

I hope the week is treating everyone well at the moment.
She wanted a friendzy for it. So I am pimping it here!

Stop on by and wish her a happy birthday and check out her friendzy here



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