spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A New Foothills

Title: So Long
Rating: PG
Word count 2589

It's Halloween in the Foothills and one's mind turns to ghost stories.

Link takes you to AO3. If anyone wants the recipes for the food described, just let me know!

Within a few minutes, he and Matt, now wearing fluffy white robes, were sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, sipping their hot chocolate spiked with cherry chocolate brandy, as they leaned against the side of an armchair. Chiquitita sprawled out in front of them, seemingly dead to the world.

The cats had grudgingly acknowledged their house guests and curled up in one of the many blankets tossed over the furniture in the small living room.

Illya had changed into a pair of jogging pants and a tee shirt and was happily nestled in Napoleon’s arms, a slight smile on his face as they stretched out on the couch.

“Talk about heaven on earth,” he murmured and sighed, his eyes closed.

“Home, sweet home.” Napoleon tightened his embrace. Just then there was a sharp crack and all the lights in the room went out. “And that makes three times this weekend. Jackson really needs to do something about its power grid. You two can sit in chairs, you know.”

“From your lips to God’s ear.” Matt sipped his drink. “I am happy here, close to the fire. Perhaps when I warm.”

“Rocky, there are some candles on the mantle if you two are afraid of the dark.” Illya finished his mug of hot chocolate and was considering one of the trays. “You did a very nice job on the strawberry ghosts, Matthew.”

“Thank you, Cara. You just need a steady hand and some patience. I could never have carved all those piccolo faces in the peppers. Your knife skills surpass mine.”

“The parents really seemed to enjoy those stuffed peppers, Boss. The sausage meatball mummies were great, too,” Rocky said as he picked up one of the meatball treats.
Tags: foothills, halloween fun, slash fic
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