spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Blowing off a little steam

We have a perfectly lovely woman working in the shop. she is always early, stays late and works very hard. I was thrilled that she was brought on staff, along with the other part time workers. Today she came up to see us, very distressed because Brian, the shop foreman, was sleeping in the shop and not letting her work. They are behind and we open tonight and they need to work. He is on a super tear now. He's working too hard, working too many hours, needs more money... except, as we know, he doesn't come in until two or three in the afternoon most days. He refuses to see that he over designs his shows and then lacking any formal training, doesn't know how to build quickly or cheaply. He is already $3,000 over budget and blames it all on the inexperience of his co-workers and the volunteers. Sigh, I wish, I wish he'd leave. the two folks we have back there right now are fabulous and I am afraid that they will leave because of his asinine behavior.

Sorry, just venting, but I so want to bitch slap him right now.
Tags: theatre
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