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The Friday Five for November 18, 2016

1. What is your favorite 'food' holiday?

2. Do you prefer ham or turkey (or tofu turkey)?

3. Do you anticipate or dread seeing your relatives for the holidays?

4. When do you start listening to Christmas carols (for real, you can tell us)?

5. How are you feeling right now with regards to the upcoming holiday season?

1. Hmmm, being a foodie this is so hard. There's so much that I love: Homemade cheese straws, Ginger Jell-O, oyster stuffing, Smash, not to mention the various pies... it's the only time I get mincemeat.

2. Turkey is okay, but my friends makes a glaze for the ham that is award winning. She's given me the recipe and in fact, I make the glaze for her when we are at her home on Wednesday prepping for Thanksgiving, but it never tastes the same when I make it at home. Must be the magic of the holiday.

3. One of the nice things about having my siblings living at other ends of the country, no relatives. All of TBG's relatives are either back East or gone, they are here to visit either. We have the traditional dinner at Barb's (between 14 and 35 people, depending upon the year) and this The Boy and his SO will be home for the weekend. When I asked him what he wanted for thanksgiving, he said, "Your love." Happy sigh and just a few tears.

4. Hard and fast rule - nothing Christmas until Santa appears in the Macy's Day Parade. Then it's a Holly Jolly Christmas

5. Not too bad. We are shopping for next weekend tomorrow and we pick up the bird on Friday, so I don't have to deal with that in my refrigerator for days. We will start its brining Friday night, so we will be good to go for a crazy day of cooking on Saturday.
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