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How can it be Sunday already?

It seems like I do nothing and yet the days speed by.

It started with having to work Friday morning, my usual day off.  However, it's the last one as payroll has been taken away from me and given to our very efficient and hardworking (not) business manager. I can see this going so wrong so fast. I was getting signatures on checks for bills that were all overdue. It makes me want to cry because Patrick and I worked so hard to restore the theatre's credit and now she's destroying it again. Sparky seems to think they are trying to force her to quit, but considering the mess her desk is, I wouldn't want to have to deal with any of that crap. I just don't get it. The Peter principle is obviously alive and well.

Once I got home, it seemed as if I played catch up all afternoon. Then we had a Christmas party to go to and there went Friday night.

Anyhow, that sort of threw me out of whack this weekend. Yesterday was the usual mad dash to get our Saturday chores done. Between that and a very successful Christmas party in the Canteen, the day was a blur. I was hoping for a quiet day today, but TBG wants to go to a movie and then lunch and why don't we invite Jeff and maybe we can... yeah, his vacation is starting to wear on him and cabin fever is setting in.

At least Araceli is off this week, so I will have the box office stuff to do and that will hopefully make the day go faster. We have our Christmas party on Tuesday, which I paid for in part out of my own pocket because, according to the Business Manager, our board, staff and contract employees aren't worth $18 and she'd only spring for the $14 luncheon. I felt we deserved more and made up the difference. Rest assured, people will know this, too. And I went out and got crackers on the SCT credit card (man, are those getting expensive). Then I am off at eleven on Thursday because the BM won't give me OT. Oh well, that's customer service for you... However, then I am off until the 3rd of January. Yay!

And because it's Sunday, how about some pictures?

Barb gave us a basket of goodies.  Jenny loves the basket...
My little Muffin man
This was a lovely gift from Avery11.  I love it so much!
Titan likes the basket, too (as does Pye but we haven't got a shot of her yet).
The mob.  You can just see Pywackets tail beneath the orange light. (l to r Titan, Patachou, Bete Noir Pye and Jenny, and TBG
Our little hot mama has mellowed out and is much calmer now.  Thankfully...
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