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Yay, Tuesday

I'm no real fan of Tuesdays, this despite having been born on one. However, today is our Christmas party and that's always a good time. It's held at my favorite Chinese restaurant, close to the theatre, and not horrifically pricey. I have set some decorations on the table to take with me as I will leave at 11 to go and help get the room in order. There will be flowers, lights and Christmas cheer, even if I have to reach down people's throats and rip it out.

I fear that we may have lost one of our outside cats. Little Black has been a staple here for years, although I don't think he's that old. I've taken him to the vet for shots and to get checked out more than once. He is usually on our doorstep every morning, popping into the house for a few minutes before heading back outside. He's been MIA for nearly a week now, except for a brief period on Saturday when he showed up limping. We were just returning from shopping, so I immediately went in to get food for him. He wouldn't let me approach and he walked away from the food. TBG saw him sunning himself that afternoon and since then, nothing. It has been very cold for us the last few nights and we've kept the shelter's heater on, but there's been no sign. I'm hoping someone has taken him in or to the vet's but I have a bad feeling that Meanie has finally either driven him away or claimed another victim. I truly hate that cat... except I haven't seen him in nearly as long.

Bête Noir is out of heat, thankfully, and is back to her silly self. She has become quite fond of a little wooden tiger on the tree and no matter where we put it, she pulls it off. since the tree's four degree angle has become five, we have called it a draw and keep it in the lower, easily-reached branches.

Celia and MissDiane, thank you for my cards! Sparky and Bonniejean, thank you for my packages! We will be eating well because of you two! *hugs* to all of you and I hope the week and this Tuesday is kind to you.
Tags: cats, christmas, christmas party, friends
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