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The Friday Five for January 13, 2017

anais_pf posting in thefridayfive These questions were written by lillibet.

1) What would/did you name your first child?
2) What do you think makes a good name for a baby?
3) What do you think makes a bad name for a baby?
4) What's a name that you love, but would never give a child? Why?
5) Did your parents do a good job naming you?

1. Since I am happily out of childbearing years and The Boy came pre-named, I can safely answer this. If the child was a boy, I would have named him after my uncle, Friend. Imagine being a friend to everyone you met? A girl, never went in that direction. I knew from an early age that I wasn't going to be birthing no babies.

2. Something that speaks to the parents.

3. Trends and weird spellings. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I see on audition sheets - John Johnson, Rocky Rhodes, Ginger Root... all real names. Not funny

4. Winslow. Love the name, would never burden a child with it.

5. No. The next door neighbor named me because the folks were sure I was a boy. she did me no favors.
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