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It's Thursday and I'm home!

Yay, I am finally getting my four day weekend a week late. TBG isn't happy about my taking today off, but I'm not exactly sure why. Oh well, he's got a cold and isn't feeling well. Before you feel too badly for him, he has seven weeks of vacation and five months' worth of sick time built up. He could have easily taken the day had he felt truly rotten. Of course, his cold comes with his usual male helplessness. Sigh... now I know why women bear children...

Anyhow, since receiving the news about Sparky joining us, we have stepped up and gotten our flights, hotels and car taken care of (we are going into Los Angeles a day early to do some shopping for our meet and greet party, as well as making sure we have wiggle room - it's always better to get in a day before the cruise, just in case). It's still like a dream and I keep expecting to wake up to a lesser reality. But dreams wouldn't have stinky cat boxes, would they?

We had some wild wind and rain last night. They clocked one gust at 58 MPH. I found four avocados down, but I suspect there are more than I can't see in the dark. The cats are all restless today, but I'm not sure if it's because of the winds or something else. We have more rain scheduled today, but the next storm is due tonight. It's crazy, crazy weather, to be sure.

I hope whatever today has in store for you, it will be a world of good.
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