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Before Friday is entirely gone

I guess it's time to post something. It's been a wild day of massive winds and rains, but in the middle, the clouds cleared and the sun was shiny for nearly three hours. At least it gave everyone a chance to get out, take a breath and look around at damage. Now it's pouring again. Crazy weather, but at least they have acknowledged climate change.

TBG's cold seems much better, although we are still up in the air about attending the paella dinner tomorrow. The Topps are attending and they are in their 90's and frail. I'd hate for them to caught something.

Went into work this morning because a director/actor of ours needed to borrow a starter pistol and some blanks. He didn't know how to load the gun, so I showed him how and told him he could use our blanks, but he wanted a half charge. It also gave me a chance to check to see if anything needed to be done. Apparently, the BM has the flue this week - for the forth time this season. Hmm, that can't be good or right. I've never seen anyone clock the sick time that she does. Since starting a year and a half, she's clocked more than the Box Office manager and myself in all the time we've been there (nearly twenty years between the two of us and that includes two surgeries).

I was cleaning out some drawers and discovered I had an entire bottle of anti-inflammatory pills that I didn't even know about and a bottle of Hydrocone that had expired in 2007. Guess I need to go through my drawers more often... must have thrown out a garbage pail full of 'stuff' that I've won over the years in raffle baskets and such.

Still not sure if we are going out tonight. If the rain keeps up, I think it might be better just to do take out.

Hope everyone is have a safe and warm/dry/lovely Friday.
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