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Yay, Monday

When I think how sick I was last Monday, this Monday is at blessing. Hopefully it won't look like the theatre barfed on my desk (it was clean on Friday, but this is closing weekend for a show - that's never a good time).

Last night, Jeff threw his usual celebration for Chinese New Year. Because our usual restaurant (Peking) was closed for the holiday, he decided to try a different one (Dynasty). It wasn't the best of starts as they didn't seem to know we were coming and there was some fuss over that. Then we sat for a half hour before they started to bring food. Then they tried to bring everything at once, just to be done. Jeff put his foot down and finally got it through to them that he wanted to dishes one at a time or two at most.

I have to give them credit - the food was so much better than what we usually get at Peking.

The menu:

Wonton soup
Crispy Eggplant
Peking Duck (whole duck)
Szechuan Crispy Fish (whole fish)
Stewed Beef clay pot
Mixed mushrooms
Pork Hong Kong Chow Mein

By the time the last dish showed up, I was too full to move. I'm still full this morning. It was glorious to not be sick to my stomach, though. Somehow we ended up with the extra food, which I'm taking to the restaurant this morning. The actors will love it.

Even better than the food was being able to visit with people and just talk the night away. What fun!

Yesterday, we started working on the taxes. As we are still waiting for some bank documents, we had to stop, but it's so much easier working with Turbo Tax than it used to be. I can remember when it would end up with us squabbling about this or that, but no more. Within fifteen minutes, everything was done. I don't hate that. Fingers crossed for a nice refund.

On with the week!
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