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The internet connections at the Pelican Inn is very slow, so I'm pretty much off line today and tomorrow. I'm going to try to post this and hope for the best.

I will catch up with everyone ASAP. Love you guy!

We left at 11 and headed over to Antioch to get me a clipper card. I’m not sure what the advantage is to this, but TBG had gotten it in his bonnet that this will be as great as an Oyster card. It was a long ride in along a levee, although the weather wasn’t bad.
We had to retrace our path and then head over to the coast. I’m sure that had to be a most circuitous route, but you would have had to really look for it. The trip took us though Napa Valley, Petaluma and through a dozen other towns and then it got really weird. It took us on this narrow, twisting road that took use forty minutes to travel ten miles. I was driving and by the time we finally found the B&B, I was fit to be tied. I was tired, grumpy and not impressed at all.
The room is so small you very nearly have to go outside to change your mind. The doorways are only six feet tall, which worries me about my 6’5” husband. Worse, there is no cell service or WiFi at the B&B. I was desperate to get a message to The Boy to not come, as the thought of him driving that road at night scared me. The hostess reassured us that there was a better and much faster route. I hope so.
We were able to call him by going to the John Muir outlook. At least I was able to get a message off to Sparky and to the Boy. He insisted that it was no big deal. We will see.
The room
There is a tiny porch, but TBG is hard-pressed to get through the window/door to use it. The bed is comfortable and there is a sitting room, which would be much cozier if there was a fire going in. No one has come in to start it and I don’t think they would be keen on guests doing it. I’m hoping that I will feel less hostile towards the place after some dinner and a good night’s sleep.
The Boy and Jason made it in good time and without any issues - sadly the road we drove is the only one in or out – don’t ask me if I’m happy or not.
Got a nice table and dinner was a fairly comfortable and laidback meal. The Boy and I had tandoori chicken. Jason had beef wellington and TBG had a steak. The prices were a little high bet considering they are in the middle of nowhere, not all that surprising. For dessert TBG and Chris has bread pudding and The Boy and I shares a sticky toffee pudding.
Afterwards, we retired to The Snug – our sitting room and chatted about our plans for Saturday. We are hoping to go in Japan town after breakfast in the morning. I also need to take my camera and get some shots around us. I’m hoping the fog will lift enough for some good shots as we are not far from the ocean (like a five minute walk) and I know Sparky wants photos.


Slept pretty well, which is unusual for me the first night anywhere. The bed is very comfortable. The only hassle is that it’s against the wall and TBG chose to sleep there. He had to crawl down the bed to use the toilet. I got up once, he got up at least twice. Hopefully he remembered to stay low. Leaving the light on low in the bathroom was genius, though.
My first cup of coffee is nearly history, so on with the day!

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