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The continuing saga of a boy and his chicken… Or The weekend away

Saturday –

We got up. I slept until after six, which is huge for me. Whatever else bad you have to say about this place, its beds are very comfortable.

We thought the started serving breakfast at seven thirty, but it ended up being eight, which was a bit of a drag when you are really hungry and used to eating much earlier than that. It was a traditional English breakfast, complete with bangers, baked beans, baked tomatoes, although no black pudding. The corned beef hash was incredible, some of the best I’ve ever tasted. The coffee was good and it was nice to sit by the fire.

The day was mild, but still very damp. We decided to go down to the ocean via Muir beach. The waves were really crashing in and it was fun to watch the dogs playing on the sand. There was a big cleanup effort being conducting for it and the Muir woods, so there were tons of people around.

We re-verified the directions with our hostess and headed out. This drive was much easier and shorter than the other although the way out is a bit scary due to the dramatic drop offs right along the edge of the road. Thankfully we were headed up hill and that made it a little easier. It took us only twenty minutes to get to Highway 101 and civilization. Much better than the hour and a half from the way in Friday night. Not as twisty or as long. No idea why the TomTom went insane like that, but at least we found a much better way, in spite of the heavy rain and thick fog.

We headed over to Japantown, which is one of our favorite spots, via going over the Golden Gate Bridge. They have gone to a cashless system now – snapping a shot of your car as you go through and mailing you a bill. I don’t know how this is cheaper, but what the hey?

Traffic was pretty normal for the city and we found ourselves in Japantown by ten. Our first stop is always the Sojo hardware store. We ended up purchasing another wall hanging – the last one by this particular artist and another noren. Then we wandered through the rain to the Paper store and they had a huge display of Totoro things in the front window. Of course, I have to go in we ended up with a Totoro tee shirt, some stationary and an origami kit. Very cool stuff and we will enjoy it.

We went to our favorite little restaurant for lunch and then gave The Boy a call. We made plans to meet up with him at his apartment at three, which turned out to be closer to four after everything was said and done. We went back to the inn and took a nap. The doors to the other rooms were open and they were much larger than ours. We know now to go for 1,3, or 6, if we were to ever come back. Still, the room is more comfortable than it was on Friday, TBG hasn’t whacked his head yet, and it’s very quiet at night, despite the fact that we are over the kitchen. I can’t believe the frog chorus.

Got up and headed back into the city, this time to Corte Madera and checked out The Boy’s home. Let me tell you a half million doesn’t buy you much space in this area, but they have made it very comfortable and welcoming. We had a tour and then spent an hour just chatting with him and his SO.

At 5:30, we headed over to Salio’s for dinner. It specializes in crab and prime rib and we actually sat outside on the deck. The heaters made it very comfy, but halfway through the apps, the wind came up and drove the rain in, so we had to move back from the edge. We started with crab cakes, which were mostly crab (what a joy that way! Most have some crab, but a lot more fillers). I order the fish fry (fish, shrimp, and calamari), TBG had crab enchiladas, The Boy had a chicken salad and something called potapitos (potatoes that have been cooked then squashed and served with vegetable. Jason had chicken marsala and the potapitos. For dessert we ordered beignets and TBG had a slice of limoncello cake, which was to die for.

We dropped them off around 7:30 and headed back to the inn. I won’t lie – the drive in was scary due to our unfamiliarity with the road and the thick fog. What a setting for a ghost story. Even so, we pulled in at 8:15 – the drive gets shorter each time. It didn’t take us long to crawl into bed and fall asleep. Because out room is over the kitchen, it’s far from quiet and I think someone left a hood fan on last night because there was the low hum. It didn’t stop me from sleeping, though, just the opposite. I think it’s safe to say that I am all caught up on my sleep.

We are heading out on Sunday to first meet The Boy at his place of business for a tour and then over to breakfast. We’ll grab some scones (very good scones, too) to tide us over until we have brunch.

Will we be back? I’m not certain. It wasn’t far from the guys, now that we know where they are and they have offered us the guest room anytime we want it. While it was nice to be close to the beach, it hasn’t really won me over, although probably through no fault of its own. I think it might be fine for someone with a shorter husband, although I wouldn’t mind trying one of the other rooms. For what we spent a night here, it wasn’t really worth it, I felt. Perhaps if the weather had been clear and the drive in less fraught with stress, it might have been. We will have to see.

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