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There and back again.

Woke up a bit earlier than I did the morning before, so I grabbed the Surface pro and a cup of coffee and headed for The Snug. Before too long, I could hear noise coming from the kitchen as it prepared to start the day.

The Big Guy got up around 7:30 and we went for a nice walk up the closed road. There were cyclists and motorcycle riders coming down the road, so I’m guessing whatever caused the road closure didn’t stop all traffic. We walked about a mile, listening to the frogs and the distant surf.

We got back to the inn just as breakfast was being set out, so we had a little something to eat, then got packed up and ready to head home. We had breakfast with The Boy and Jason at a small hole-in-the-wall called Fred’s. Then we drove down to the base of the Golden Gate and enjoyed the ocean for a while.

After that, we headed to The Boy’s office. I can’t even comprehend most of the things he’s designing now, but he is happy and challenged. What more could a mother want? And to know that I started him on this path is enough for me.

It took us about ninety minutes to get home once we left them. Traffic was light, mostly because folks were busy concentrating upon getting ready for the big game.

We got home and were greeted by three cats… except we have five. Where were the kittens? I called them and didn’t get any response. Went upstairs and discovered that they had somehow shut themselves in the bathroom. I don’t think they’d been in there very long, but they were very scared, especially Bête Noir. It took us nearly a half hour to get her calmed down. We will have to make sure we do something about that in the future.

After relaxing, we did the weekly grocery shopping, which was not fun. We like to go on Saturday morning before the crowds hit. Even with game time looming, the stores were still busy.

Still, everything was gotten and we had a nice evening in. It was very crowded on the bed, but that was okay by me. It’s nice to be missed.
Tags: cats, san francisco, the boy
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