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sorry that I miss these yesterday

Yesterday was not the best of days, although lots got done. I didn't sleep really well Saturday night and woke up in a dark mood.

However, then the sun came out and that was lovely. We had a nice walk in the watery sunlight and it was good that we did as it was totally clouded over by noon. By three, the rain had started yet again and it hasn't stopped since. By six, the winds had started and that was pretty awful. They blew all night and are supposed to be ever worse tonight. Our friends are flying out this evening and there's a three hour hold at the airport right now. WE are keeping good thoughts that they will get out.

Talking on the phone with Sparky, we settled on our excursions for the trip and where we are going to have dinner the night before (no use putting this off until the last minute, after all!

Also worked on and finally completed all the travel albums. I never thought that would be finished. I am being told that they no longer make the old photo albums where you peel the plastic sheet back and stick your photos to the backing and put the plastic back. I will miss those.

TBG made a great baked squash soup for dinner and some tomato, cucumber and ahi slices as a salad. It was lovely and I should have taken a photo of it. We watched the rest of a movie and then a special on the White House. It saddens me to think of all the great men and women who have lived there in the past and to see it now.

And, of course, some photos of 'the kids' to round out the post.


Pyewacket watching TV
Bete Noir
The two older girls
Titan on my lap
My fluffy girl


Tags: cats, cruising, photos, travel
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