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Oh, boy, Sunday...

And I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted. Yesterday was quite the adventure.It started out simply enough. We went out for breakfast and then grocery shopping. We were back home by 9:20 and then we put everything away and decided it was time for a nap.

As a rule, I don't nap much longer than ten to fifteen minutes, but yesterday was the exception. I crashed for nearly two hours, waking up just in time for lunch (yay). After watching a little TV and eating up the rest of the Chinese food, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and clean the oven. Okay, now granted that is merely flipping a switch and turning the dial to self-clean, I still like to be here when we do it. It super heats up the kitchen and there is an odd odor that always accompanies this, so it needs to be warm enough to open the sliding glass door in the kitchen.

So, I did that and loaded the dish washer with a bunch of stuff (elements and drip pans) and ran it as well. I decided it was also a good time to clean the pictures. We haven't done that in over a year and they were ready. We have a lot of artwork - a lot. We also used the Webster and took down all the cob/dust webs in the stairwell and upstairs. Opened the windows up there and let the place air out as well.

Earlier in the morning, Titan had sprayed an afghan that I use to protect my chair, so that went into the washer with a mess of other stuff. TBG decided that it would be cool to store all our vases upstairs and free up some space downstairs. This doesn't make sense to me, but it made him happy. While I was finishing up, I heard something from downstairs and discovered that he'd decided it was a good time to count and wrap coins. Not my favorite of jobs, but oh, well. "Okay, just let me start the dryer and I'll come down and help." Except the dryer doesn't come on... at all. TBG tried everything while I went over to the office to buy a laundry card. Ten bucks later, I get home to the news that he got it started after all. Great...

Except that he also decided it would be a good time to clean out from behind the dry and vacuum out the dryer ducts. We hadn't ever done that, so I was game. A half hour later, I was back at the table wrapping coins and noticed that it was time to start thinking about dinner. Since I'd gotten skunked out of my pizza dinner earlier in the week, I happily called Dantes... except they no longer deliver to our part of town. Great... so TBG went and got the pizza. I finished up wrapping the coins, set the table, got my quilting project ready to go and went to collapse when the pizza arrived.

Yeah, it was a full day and I wasn't up to much more than watching TV and doing a bit of reading.

However this morning, I remembered I'd promised pictures, so...

Here is the very faded original.  That is the actual color of the white fabric.  Not very attractive and you couldn't really tell the difference between the two leis.

Here is the pattern that I made


Here is what I have so far.  The brown layer is appliqued down.  I've just anchored down the yellow layer.  After I finish that, I will add the leaves. Not very exciting yet.

And it wouldn't be Sunday without cat photos.

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