spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

I'm so excited!

First, a huge to lesli! I love Dawnette! She is funny, efficient and so easy to talk to. She was up front and open - exactly what I wanted and needed. Wow, talk about the difference between day and night.

Then yesterday, we had our AD tell us that if anything happened to the theatre, he was bailing. Gee, not even stopping to consider what we would lose if our doors closed, He will not work without a paycheck or consider a temporary pay reduction. Seriously, in the last two weeks, we've made $400. He's spent $3,000+ on the mailing for his fundraiser, which wasn't supposed to cost us a penny. There's not enough money in either checking account to make payroll tomorrow and he's told the BM that she can't transfer any money from the Money Market account for it. Of course, she can't request it, so talk about a rock and a hard place. I'm sort of glad it's not my concern anymore, except for the not getting paid part.

We are starting to ramp up for our big season flyer mailing and I've been trying to get names off the list to save a bit of money. Not that it's likely to make much of a difference, but at least I'm trying.

I'm so ready for vacation I could scream... 71 days and counting.
Tags: doctor, vacation, work
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