spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Keep good thoughts today!

As many of you know, sparky955 is coming with us on vacation or she wants to. There's just one thing standing between her and the midnight chocolate extravaganza buffet (totally made up). It's a passport. She doesn't have one. Back in February, she applied and it got kicked back to her after a few days because the photo wasn't appropriate and her birth certificates weren't right (please don't ask). The passport folks told her where she needed to get the bc from, so she did and she waited... and waited.

Today, she and her friend are driving to Newcastle to pick up the bc. If they get there before 11:30, they will be coming home with it. If not, it will be Monday. Then it and the new photo will be sent off to the nice passport people and hopefully in a couple of weeks, she will be doing the passport dance.

So, my friends, good thoughts for Miss sparky955 for a safe trip there and back (they should be on the road now) and that she will return with bc in hand. She really, really needs this right now and surely even a snarky sparky955 deserves a bit of good luck now and again.

Break a leg, my friend, but not literally.
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