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My Friday Fives on Saturday

Let's just into the Wayback Machine!

1. Have you ever owned a typewriter?

2. Have you ever worked with a mimeograph?

3. Do you still own any carbon paper (for whatever the purpose)?

4. Did you ever use one of these

Random question -

5.You forgot to put sugar in your coffee and it's a long trip back to the kitchen, do you make the trip or just drink it without?

Heh... forgot to answer them... and how to count. Ye gads!

1. I did own a Remington manual for a long time, then had a self-correcting (sort of) electric. Computers are easier.

2. When I was in a Star Trek club, I was in charge of our newsletter. Running them off on the church mimeograph machine was part of it. Loved the smell of the fluid.

3. I think we still have sheet around here. I use it for sewing.

4. I did. Heck, I'd use it now if I could find one.

5. I didn't, but with the next cup, I remembered the fake sugar and to pick up a scone (blueberry, raspberry and white chocolate from last weekend's baking spree).
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