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Sunday? Already?

Yeah, it's been another one of those weekends.

Friday, I decided to work in the garden, so after a long walk, I pulled out (literally) a planter of ginger. Everything went to the trash as we have another planter and ginger grows like mad here. We got our lease signed and then TBG decided we needed to go out and buy new redwood planters. This is the same person who was groaning about the rent increase two days earlier. We got the planters, dirt, river rock and gravel, as well as some redwood 1 x 1's to reinforce the corners of the planters. Then it was time for dinner and to crash in front of the TV. I talked with sparky955 and she assured me that her package was winging its way to Immigration as we spoke. *whew* Here's hoping that are no more SNAFUs!

The next day, it was the usual shopping and then working on the planters. Somehow, that took all day, but I have no idea how or why. I felt half asleep most of the afternoon. I tried to be industrious, making cookies and tidying up. We called Mike to wish him a happy birthday and they surprised us by saying that they were coming out to see us. I will believe it when it happens, but if it does, it would be great!

That night I had the worst dream. It was so real that I couldn’t tell if it was a dream. I thought TBG told me that our outside cat, Grey, had been killed and I just shrugged and wasn’t upset. He’s a sweetie and I love cuddling him, so my reaction both confused and repulsed me. When he wasn’t there for breakfast, it was even worse. When he got us, TBG assured me that he’d never said anything like that. Happy, he later showed up for his catnip hit, and I was much relieved. It seemed so real, though, I really thought it happened.

Today started out with a massive storm. Surely it would be enough to stop the Chinese New Year's parade, but then the clouds left and the sun came out. However, TBG decided that it was time to do the planters, which turned out to be a morning long project (so far - we started at eight). The parade, I suspect went off as planned, but it was just as well. I'm sore and creaky from the Friday gardening and the Saturday cutting and drilling of the planters. Instead, the cats are racing around, TBG is working on the watering system and we are enjoying a quite morning at home.

My not-so-little eight month old kittens
And Miss Jenny
This is how many dishes the cats generate on a daily basis.  I feel like all I do is wash cat plates.
Bete Noir up a tree exploring
After the storm - you can see the new planters
Pye hiding
And a surprise!  There are five blossom stalks on one of my orchids!

Here's hoping everyone has had or is having a great weekend. I'm gonna go play on Duolingo for a bit now.
Tags: cats, friends, photos, plants, rain
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