spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

How can it be Friday?

I mean, really... this week was just flown. Between getting ready to mail the season brochure, getting ready to open the fundraiser and Joey's accident, this week has been a blur. It seems like every day has been two or three hours long in retrospect, although it felt as if the days dragged by.

The rain had something to do with it. Of course it was Spring Break for the schools and universities, so the weather was lousy. It was gorgeous last week and it will be gorgeous this next week. Apparently, the weather gods love to play this particular trick on students, at least our students.

I wish I could say that wonderful things happened this week. I did finish my quilting project, so that was good. Still, it's 46 days before vacation and it feels like it will never get here. this is the time when we should be filled with anticipation and all I want to do is sleep, even after getting eight hours of sleep. I'm hoping the NP has some words of wisdom for me.

We have dinner with friends and the show (which TBG is referring to as 'Dingleball's Follies') and then dinner at a friend's house tomorrow. The rain is bucketing down and I think it's time for a bath.
Rock on, everyone, and I hope you have a fun weekend.
Tags: quilting, rain, theatre
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