spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

My Friday Five - a little later.

1 What is one thing that surprised the first time you tried it?

2. What are two things that make you really sad?

3. What are three things that scare you?

4. What are four things that makes you really happy?

5. What are the last five places you went?

1. Maguro Sushi. I was unprepared for how much I was going to love it.

2. How mean everyone has gotten and how angry so many of my friends are with the current political situation.

3. Easy, spiders, submerged objects and being left here alone. Sparky, are you come here or am I going there?

4. TBG, The Boy, Sparky, and my cats!

5. Um, in reverse order, SCT, El Torito, Pomp (hair cut), Safeway gas station, the post office. Yeah, it's party hardy around here...

Now it's your turn!
Tags: the friday five
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